LINK TO SAMPLE THE GOREY DETAILS - no, not edward gorey - he's dead :-(
Flash Remoting and .NET Web Service Basic Tutorial wrote this stuff down when working with the Flash Remoting Beta (Salsa). Creates a basic Web Service in C# and accesses it via Flash/Flash Remoting. Some people found it useful :-)
read: Tutorial Article (will open in a new window)
Create a JPEG of a Flash Drawing uses ASP.NET to create a JPEG graphic based on what the user has drawn. C# makes this so easy it's not even funny. there's also a JPEG browser with it - though nothing too spectacular on that end. for you budget oriented folks, this whole thing now uses NO Flash Remoting code - so just the free .NET Framework will do the trick!
view: Flash > JPEG
font editor put this together for jason ross and his fine pixel font animator thingy over at jzway.com. based on existing code i had written. has a pseudo "binary string" representation of the 8x8 grid for saving purposes.
source: fontEdit.zip
lip-synching technique how to use integrate SMIL files with Windows Media Player and Flash plug-in. Everything is zipped as the mp3s used are rather large.
source: lipsSMIL.zip - ~2.5meg
IE mouse capture how to grab the mouse coordinates outside the flash movie, use the scrollwheel inside flash, and knowing if the mouse is inside or outside of the flash movie (or window).
source: mouseCapture.zip
IE browser dimensions to Flash this grabs the client browser dimensions and sends them to a Flash movie - in real-time. also includes a "docking" part...
source: browserDimensions.zip
random insect movement fairly realistic movement of a very unrealistic housefly
source: theFly.zip
Flash MX Microphone Toy playing with the Microphone object in Flash MX... make the hot air balloon avoid the mountains with your voice.
source: hotair.zip
Flash MX Webcam Toy aahh - the fresnel lenses on the back of vans. add some Flash and you have a fun toy. ;-)
source: fresnel.fla
Flash MX Webcam Toy 2 *sigh* where are the dealers when you need them... anyways, YOU need a webcam to view - i don't need to see myself anymore
source: hypnotronic_1.fla
Flash MX Microphone Toy 2 grabbing amplitude dude... ugh... works great with cd audio. my laptop mic sucks, so i prefer to test with cd.
source: wysiwys.fla
Flash MX Microphone Toy 3 so, now, the level you put in is the level you get out...
source: wysiwys2.fla
Flash MX Microphone Toy 4 amplitude-based lipsynching with the microphone... my mic is very noisy, so it appears the character is either chattering all the time or has some weird neurological condition.
source: mouth2.fla